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Thanks to the most intuitive visual creator of PageAndShop - you can build your own Website, Online Shop or Blog in a few minutes.

In addition, receive mobile applications, configure e-mail account, register domain. Use Hosting and technical support, marketing and training.

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Twój Biznes + System PageAndShop = Nowi klienci Twój Biznes + System PageAndShop = Nowi klienci

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Sales are moving to the internet, that's a fact.
Is your company ready for it?


A merchant working 24 hours a day!

78% of customers are looking for information about the company on the Internet. Let them find them on your website.

Our innovative visual creator will allow you to build a website, arrange content and add photos of your business. It will take you less than 3 hours without knowledge of any technology or programming knowledge.

Building your website will bring you even more pleasure now. Show unique values that you follow. Present what customers appreciate in your company. Share what's best - using the most-friendly visual editor that has ever appeared on the Internet.

Create, add, change, modify everything whenever you want. Ready? Start now!



Sales on the Internet more important than ever!

In 2020, 53% of sales will take place via the Internet and cross-channel! Stay ahead of the competition and create intuitive online store.

The key is to offer the sale of the product in the right place and time. When it comes to space, the Internet is the most convenient place where you can offer products. Statistics show that online sales are growing year by year. Enter online sales with your own e-shop from PageAndShop and offer products for your customers a few moments later. The clients are waiting for it. The next step is up to you.

For years we have been working with you in mind so that you can configure your online store in a simple and intuitive way. Just a few clicks and your products will be available for purchase.

Manage your store on the move thanks to a dedicated mobile application.


Mobile Apps

You will manage the order via your smartphone in just 1 second after ordering in your e-store.

Our applications bring customers to the door of your company.

With PageAndShop Orders in 1 second after ordering product in your e-shop and you know who ordered what. You change the status of the order and send the system confirmation that clients are waiting for.



The common denominator is knowledge!

The tool in the hands of the master can do wonders. Use the Business Academy to generate higher profits.

Every person completing valuable training knows that it was a great investment of time. Check out our valuable training materials available at the Business Academy.

Polish, leading business trainers pass knowledge until recently available only on closed trainings. You will be surprised by such a high level of knowledge available at the Business Academy.

Thanks to the mobile application, change your car into "Academy on wheels".



Introduce yourself as an expert!

Answer the problems of your clients by running a blog. Build their confidence and show yourself as an expert. More

System help

Active support department

You have all the elements in one place in the form of an integrated support system for every company that has decided to be successful on the internet.

At your request, we will design and configure your website and e-store.


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Free Hosting

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by our Team

You have questions? Our customer service department will be happy to help you.

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Support for the SME sector

Let's support the environment of Polish entrepreneurs together.

By joining the constantly growing PageAndShop family, you contribute to the development of the Modern Entrepreneur foundation helping entrepreneurs from the SME sector to operate more effectively.

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