Save time thanks to mobile applications

  • order management "PageAndShop Orders"
      In less than 1 second after ordering in your store you will know what was ordered, who placed the order. One gesture change the status of the order and the system will send an e-mail confirming the launch of the buyer. Communication decides today about success.
  • education "Business Academy"
      providing access to learning from your own Business Academy wherever your smartphone has Internet coverage.
  • acquiring customers "ToTu"
      Coming soon without any fees - you will get access to the unique application at the premium package level. With this application, your customers will find your products and navigation - after checking working hours - will bring them to your company's door. And you will save 59 zlotys because this is the costs of said premium package.

Kreator PageAndShop

Business Academy on your phone and computer

Watch movies in which the best experts and experienced business practitioners will share their knowledge and specific tools with you. Tools that will multiply your business driving power.

See how easily you can achieve further success following the path that follow the biggest.

try it for free the test period lasts for 14 days!

Manage orders wherever you are

manage your e-store from anywhere thanks
to the mobile application

sales data
Change the status
of orders

In the development of your business and increasing sales will help you:

Online shop

Create catalogues, easily add all products and sell more - directly from your website. More

Web page

Build your own Website with an innovative visual wizard. More


Share expertise, build a community, stay in touch with customers and increase sales with a higher position in the search engine. More

try it for free the test period lasts for 14 days!
Sklep Internetowy

Only for the subscribers of we have prepared an exceptional commission of only 1.7% for PayU payments!

Thanks to our many years of cooperation with the PayU system, we have generated a favorable commission of 1.7% for each subscriber of PageAndShop. The activation cost is only PLN 5.

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